Screening Physical Exams

You can come to Student-Run Free Clinic (SRFC) with any medical problem you would like to address and our student physicians can determine if your problem warrants further medical evaluation.

Currently, we can suggest over-the-counter options as well as provide osteopathic manipulative treatment. Please note that we do not prescribe medications at the SRFC.

You can also come to the clinic to get a free head-to-toe screening physical exam.

The best way to maintain your health is through prevention. Yearly screening physical exams can detect problems associated with aging and lifestyle such as smoking and physical inactivity. Screening exams can include blood pressure monitoring, heart and lung exam, risk factor assessment for various diseases, and much more.

The student medical providers welcome you to come to clinic to ask specific questions about previously diagnosed diseases. We want to help manage your existing health problems, while preventing any future problems.

Master of Public Health (MPH) students are prepared to answer your questions regarding many of your health-related concerns. Our goal is to help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Please let us know if you’re interested in discussing any of the following health education topics:

  • Interested in quitting smoking?
  • Need to improve your diet?
  • Want to start an exercise program but not really sure how?
  • Want to learn how to reduce your risk for developing diabetes or high blood pressure?
  • Or any other questions you may have.

Feel free to contact us if you have specific concerns to be addressed at an upcoming clinic or to schedule an appointment. 

*Please note we do not perform gynecological exams at the SRFC. If you are in need of this service, please contact Planned Parenthood or La Clinica.