About us

Dr. Lopes with student volunteers

The Student-Run Free Clinic (SRFC) is a free health clinic organized and staffed by students from Touro University California. A licensed clinician provides direct, on-site supervision.

The SRFC officially opened its doors on October 6, 2010, serving as a reliable and accessible site for patient care each week under the supervision of Dr. Melissa Pearce, our principle preceptor.

Our community

Solano County’s increasing poverty level and diversity spurred Touro University students to create a free health clinic in Vallejo. Students reached out to Vallejo community members and health care providers to discuss the unmet health needs of the city, and Southeast Vallejo stood out as having the greatest need for services due to the absence of local medical facilities and inadequate public transportation. In addition, students found a need to address health barriers in the community like health literacy, lack of healthcare coverage (especially among children), lack of access to after hour clinics, and language barriers in Spanish and Tagalog.

Our location

Located in the Norman C. King Community Center at 545 Magazine St. in Vallejo, the SRFC is one of the main supporting organizations of the Community Center. A lack of financial backing from the city of Vallejo threatened the Community Center with closure in 2010, but the infusion of rental funds from the SRFC has allowed the Community Center to remain open. The Community Center’s convenient location near bus stops, freeways, and the Carquinez Bridge as well as its important role in the community make it an ideal partner for the SRFC.

Our values

The SRFC offers compassionate service to our local community as well as a dynamic educational environment for students. Students benefit by practicing their clinical skills through increased patient contact, developing interprofessional leadership and teamwork skills, and experiencing first-hand the social, economic and cultural challenges that impact healthcare.

Our services

Under the supervision of licensed faculty, students offer screening history and physical examinations, osteopathic manipulative medicine, pharmaceutical evaluation, immunizations, nutritional advice and weight reduction strategies, general patient education, and some over-the-counter treatment recommendations. The SRFC also serves as a site for students to perform case management and lifestyle counseling for patients with complex health issues.

The Touro SRFC is the first student-run health clinic in the nation to offer osteopathic manipulative medicine by medical students in collaboration with physician assistant, pharmacy, and public health students.

Our patients

Called an “oasis” of care in the Vallejo Times Herald, the SRFC has been welcomed with open arms by the Vallejo community. Here are some of the great things our patients are saying about us:

“Love coming, keep it up!”

“Completely satisfied with first visit. I look forward to coming back again.”

“I just love my time with student doctors.”

“Great team, very professional. Worked well together – excellent service. Very helpful & understand.”

“I haven’t experienced before doctors with such gentle, effective methods. Such easy-to follow instructions for aftercare. Thank you.”

“I like this more than my doctor’s visit and I learn more about my body.”

“Appreciate the concern and interest shown me.”

“Great staff, very thorough and competent. Very professional!”

Please contact us to make an appointment, or consider donating to the clinic or volunteering.